Biomass Pyrolysis Plant for Sale: Working and Benefits

The biomass pyrolysis plant for sale is a type of plant that converts biomass into biochar (a renewable energy) through the pyrolysis technology. It’s also known as biochar production equipment or biomass carbonization machine or biomass charcoal making machine. The raw materials used in the production process are usually wastes. Common materials include tree waste, straw, wood, and other items. Additionally, it includes wastes from the farming industry and livestock manure. The resulting products are low-pollution, renewable energy that could be used in various fields.

Biomass Pyrolysis Plant for Sale

Biomass Pyrolysis Plant for Sale

What does the pyrolysis plant do?

The machine is used for generating charcoal and other useful products from biomass by means of high heating temperatures. It actually recycles wastes and generates a range of products that can be used as a fuel. Besides being used as a fuel, most of these products are used as fertilizers and industrial feeds.

Biomass pyrolysis process

First of all, the biomass wastes are shredded into smaller sizes. It’s important to note that biomass wastes bigger (in diameter) than 200 mm and thicker than 30 mm aren’t ideal for drying. For this reason, the materials need to be cut into relevant sizes.

After cutting and shredding, a belt conveyor moves the materials into the weight feeder. The feeder then feeds the material pieces in the upper section of the machine for drying. When the drying process completes, the materials fall down into the low section for carbonization and pyrolysis. The dried materials are then carbonized through high temperature heating. After thorough heated, the process gets complete and the end products are accumulated in the collecting systems.

Final products from the pyrolysis plant

Usually biochar or charcoal and biogas are produced during the carbonizing process. Each of these products has their uses and applications as detailed below:


Rich in carbide and other plant nutrients, charcoal is used as a soil fertilizer. Due to its porous structure and larger surface area, it’s widely used in numerous industries. Biochar can enrich soil quality, absorb organic pollutants and heavy metals in water and soil, and fertilize fields. Also, it’s pretty useful in fixing carbonic oxide.

If applied to the soil, biochar could reduce the emission of harmful greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. Charcoal is additionally used as a fuel in domestic and commercial sectors. Finally, you can make carbon bricks and use it in construction projects.


The other product, biogas is commonly used as a fuel. You can also use it in greenhouse heating systems in the agriculture sector. Many industries use biogas to drive generators for generating electricity.

biomass charcoal making machine

Biomass charcoal making machine

Features and advantages of the pyrolysis plantLess space

Most of the waste recycling plants take up too much space for the setup. The biochar pyrolysis plant, on the other hand, occupies very little space. You can set up the whole plant in a small shed.

Low investment

Investing in a heavy duty machine warrants too much money. However, the pyrolysis plant is priced in the medium range. Even budget businesses are able to invest in this sophisticated waste recycling equipment. You can ease your budget further by opting for installment payments.

High efficiency

The working efficiency of modern pyrolysis plants is very high. Within hours, you could process a big amount of raw materials. Also, the plant works uninterruptedly for 24 hours a day. This, in turn, further boosts the efficiency of the system and the production process. Higher efficiency translates into low production cost, leading to higher profitability.

Enhanced safety

One of the major concerns associated with heavy duty equipment is safety problems. Accidents and injuries tend to be a common scenario in many such plants. However, the pyrolysis equipment comes equipped with enhanced safety measures. If there’s any possibility of danger, the machine sends the signal. Consequently, the operator can switch off the machine to avoid damages to the equipment and his life.

Concluding words

The biomass pyrolysis plant for sale is an innovative piece of machine for converting waste into greener energy. By investing a modest sum, you can set up your venture and start booking profits from waste materials. Due of all these amazing benefits, most of the modern-day businesses are investing in this plant to make the best out of waste and investment.